Do I Need a Jam Funnel or Can I Get Away Without One?

stainless steel jam funnelDo you really need a funnel to safely pour your jam into your jars?

Hmm well, yes and no.  I didn’t get one the first few times I did it and for the most part, I did get the jam into the jars without spilling it.

However, next time I did it for some reason I made a huge mess!  I decided it would be much easier to get something to pour the jam into the jars.

I was right it was much faster and easier and cleaner.  Jam is not the easiest of things to remove, especially when it is dropped onto a hot oven surface.

What to Look Out for When Choosing Your Jam Funnel

You want something that will last.  Stainless steel is a great place to start.  However, you can also get plastic ones.

Check your sizes to make sure it is big or small enough.  When I got mine I never checked the sizes  and I admit it never occurred to me.  As it was for jam I thought the size would be standard.

I have a few of the jars my sister gave me from her jams.  My bottom funnel opening is far too large for those jars.  If I use it the opening goes outside the lip of the jar.  Just imagine the mess!  It doesn’t bare thinking about.

Funnel Opening Size Matters

The one I have used here as an example is a larger one as yet the opening is 5.5cms.  The Kilner one has a wide base and is designed for their range of jars.

I bet that’s the one I got.  One moment.  I just pulled mine from the cupboard.  Hmm, well yes I did get a Kilner one, but its bottom opening is only 5cm wide.

So, if you are planning on using smaller jars it might pay to get a smaller opening.  This does seem to be a common issue with the wider openings.  Some people are OK with it while others struggle.

If you think it might be an issue the Kitchen Craft Jam Funny with smaller opening
one might be a better option as that has only got an opening of 3.5cm.

You can choose to sit the jam funnel on top of the lip of the jar and funnel that way.

I picked this one as an example because not only is it popular it isn’t as expensive as the Kilner one (at least at the moment of writing).  Which makes it great value for money.  And it has a handle.

Do I Need a Handle?

I feel that a handle is a personal preference.  Many people are quite happy without one and do not burn themselves without it as the funnels do not get hot.

Overall this is a great little funnel that is well made and great value for money.

To Stick or Not to Stick?

Some funnels are non-stick.  This isn’t really necessary as the jam is just going through and they are really easy to clean.  Stainless steel jam funnels work perfectly fine.


This is a great funnel.  It has everything you need to pour your preserves into the jars with ease.  It can also be used to pour into other things besides jams etc if you want.

Kilner Stainless Steel Easy Fill Funnel, Silver

It is stainless steel and is very easy to clean. It is great for pouring as it sits well on the jars due to its shape which can be a good idea when handling hot jams.

The hole is about 47mm and is suitable for most average sized jars. However, it can be a bit big if you have smaller ones.  For these, you need to hold the funnel over the jar and pour. Alternatively, you can just rest it on the top but because it is slightly tapered it won’t fit squarely on it.

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